Welcome to The Limitless Network

This is The Limitless Network - a FREE space where mind and life-changing magic begins! ✨

Welcome to 

the Limitless Network!

We are all from different walks of life, but deep down we all have a very similar dream (whether we admit it or not). The common goal? To quite literally, break away from the expected norms, and do the things we REALLY want to do, which people seem to not want to talk about through fear of growth.


This network is the place to make your life magic happen,
and prove that you are limitless by design.

What's inside?

the Limitless lounge
(your free community space)

You know how you want to keep up with me and my news, share your own news, learn the basics of mindset magic, AND be around other sources of inspiration (and all of this without having to be on a mailing list?)

This is the place, created for you!

Catch all of the latest news and announcements, keep tabs on inspirational coaching hints and tips at your own pace, access video and audio shorts, and more. 

This is the hub of inspiration to begin your journey on your own path from dreams, to goals, to plans, to actual reality!

we are Limitless
(Your monthly membership group)

Looking for ongoing help and support to make your dreams come true, via a wonderfully brilliant community? Recognise your greatness but need a little confidence boost to get you started?

This is an amazing tribe of people who are done sitting around, waiting for shit to happen. You join this tribe because you want to know more about transforming your life into something amazing, AND you love watching others do it too. It's pretty freaking inspiring to watch.

So deep down, you KNOW that what you want is entirely possible. You want to live the actual life of your dreams, and not just some half-assed version of a glint of a dream. You're also done living vicariously through someone else.

You want to turn all sorts of crazy dreams into perfectly doable reality, and you want to do it in a place where you know everyone else is pretty damn awesome too.

You've seen people doing all of the amazing things you want to do...
...and more.

This membership group can help you with all of that, via regular live transformational life coaching sessions, and MUCH more.

You're not here to mess around. You're not casually sliding into this space hoping that someone else will do the work.

You're here because you are done with just sitting on the fence. You've seen the possibility, you've dreamed of your perfect future in small glimpses, and now you are FULLY READY to take some SERIOUS ACTION.

You want to know and master all of the above, and you want to do it with the support and knowledge to know how to make it happen for you, too.

What's inside the paid membership private group?

Private, members-only network (AWAY from social media distractions)
Weekly live Q&A sessions (ask me anything!)
Weekly coaching threads and support
Accountability threads
PDF templates and downloads
Recommended self development reading library
Group hangout sessions

PLEASE NOTE!!!!!! As a thank you to you, and to support you further going forward, the monthly fee FOR YOU AS FOUNDING MEMBERS is £25pm - that fee is fixed and will never rise (unless you leave the group)!*

This Founding Members price is available until 1st November 2022, after which time it will be £42pm.*

You are free to leave any time! These groups are guilt and judgement free, and I'll be more than happy to have you in the Limitless Lounge, supporting you where I can. 

You've seen people doing all of the amazing things you want to do...
...and more.

the Limitless experience
(Your transformational life coaching programme)

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.”

― Greg Reid

I'm SUPER excited about this. This transformational life coaching programme is where you will want to be, to seriously accelerate the life changes and improvements you're looking for. 

This is where you have all the help and support you need to flip dreams into actual reality, begin to master your mindset for potential, and discover what's really possible for you (rather than what everyone else is telling you...)

This NON-COOKIE-CUTTER 12 week programme will include:

A private cohort of like-minded big thinkers and dreamers
Serious dream-to-goal setting, planning, and action taking
Weekly live Q&A sessions
Weekly coaching threads and support
Weekly live "hot-seat" transformational coaching sessions
Accountability threads
PDF templates and downloads
Recommended reading library
Group hangout sessions

An exciting little gift which I will try not to hoard for myself...

We will cover a lot of topics, you will receive a TON of coaching, and I will be honoured taking you on a journey, and giving you a life-changing, group coaching experience, whilst you create and curate the life you truly want.

This is a BRAND SPANKING NEW beta programme for group coaching. My methods have been AMAZING for 1:1 coaching, and I want to make full coaching more accessible. Doors for enrolment will open in the next few days, with a view to commencing the programme mid November (2 week break for Christmas).

I consider this to be a beta programme, and so the LIVE BETA PRICE will be £555, available up until the first day of coaching. (For context, my 1:1 coaching starts at £5k, and I no longer offer one-off sessions).

The full investment for this programme will be around £1497 after the LIVE BETA run ends.


This network is run by your resident qualified (and insured!) transformational life coach and cheerleader - me, Ms Jay Émme!

I am a solidly firm believer in going after the life of your dreams. I have always questioned everything, and love to explore the realms of (im)possibility. I believe that we can all have the life we want to live, and it absolutely lights me up when I see others living up to their true potential.

I have been an entrepreneur on and off since I was 14, and a full time entrepreneur for the last 20 years. I've also been a serial manifestor since before I can even remember. That said, ADHD, ASD, cPTSD, severe depression and more, took me out for a while. I literally lost my way in life, forgot all the incredible things I could do, and succumbed to the trap of people telling me what I could (should) and couldn't (shouldn't) do.

(To say I bounced back from the brink, mostly unaided, is a wee bit of an understatement!)

But know this. One of my pet peeves is being underestimated...and...let's just say that things don't go so well for the other person when they try to impose their limiting beliefs on me...!

As your transformational life coach, I hope to demonstrate for you the scaffolding support you need, the provide you with the ability to see your own strengths, and to take you on a seemingly impossible transformative journey, where you discover that you really are in fact, limitless. 

I believe in you...I think that you should believe in you, too.

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